Red Sparrow (Vietnamese Restaurant in Dempsey Hill)

昨日のディナーは、デンプシーの比較的新しいレストラン「Red Sparrow」に行ってみました。レストランというよりもカフェ、あまり雰囲気はなかったですし、金曜の夜なのにガラガラでした。

For yesterday’s dinner, we tried “Red Sparrow” in Dempsey Hill, which is a relatively new Vietnamese place. It was more like a cafe, not much atmosphere and almost empty – and it was a Friday night.


Fresh Spring Rolls. We chose vegetarian so the filling is things like tofu, carrot etc. The sauce was spicy and tasty but the rolls were not tightly rolled. When you have a cooking lesson and learn how to make these fresh spring rolls you are always told to roll them very tightly and I now know why that is important – when it’s loose it falls apart when you bite and also the texture isn’t very good. The taste was good, though.


Vietnamese Pancake. The first one was too burnt so we had to ask them to make it again. You’re supposed to wrap pieces of this in lettuce leaves with some herbs. Sadly there were only 3 or 4 very small pieces of lettuce so it was very hard to roll and I felt the filling inside the pancake was much too much. It was nice and crispy in the first few minutes, which is good, but then it went very soggy and not very enjoyable, I think with so much filling it steamed inside too much.


A salad of banana flower, red cabbage & chicken.


Cold salad of pork and vermicelli. Not enough dressing, a bit watery.


Dessert. We shared a Deep-fried banana, black sticky rice, coconut milk & ice cream.


Although they all tasted OK it wasn’t special and I don’t think it was authentic. From what I remember from my trips there, the food in Vietnam tasted more fresh and lighter.

With 3 beers and 1 sparkling water, the bill was about S$120. The decor isn’t really nice enough for a Friday dinner and the food was just OK, I don’t think we’ll visit again. Maybe it’s OK for a quick lunch during the week.

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