Supermarket Flowers


Another grey day today, it even started to rain steadily.  We haven’t seen a lot of birds in our garden today – although we did see some earlier when it wasn’t raining.  I haven’t seen the sun for a while, I hope it’ll come out soon.  It’s forecasted to get better tomorrow for a few days.  Now that Christmas and New Year had gone a while ago, with this gloomy weather, many people in England/UK are feeling a little blue.  It’s been only 2 months or so since we came so it hasn’t made us feel down so much, but we’ll probably be complaining this time next year.


We don’t have anything on today (it often is this way on Sundays), so just staying in doing some house chores, but we’ve just been to Marks & Spencers to buy some food.  It depends on the area but in this area I think M&S is supposed to be the best quality, then Waitrose, then Sainsbury’s, at least our preference is in that order.  However, the range of products they carry is better in Sainsbury’s so we tend to go there often if we need a lot of different things.  Today, we didn’t have too much to buy and M&S had all we needed.  It looked like they have a lot of ready made salads etc that look very good if we want to cheat now and again.


The first thing I do when I go into any supermarket is to see flowers, even when we aren’t going to buy any.  We still have daffodils, and the purple tulips are still looking good plus we have 1 white hydrangea left (the other 2 suddenly went limp), so I didn’t buy any but I enjoyed looking at them.  They had kinds of flowers I hadn’t seen in other supermarkets, like frilly tulips and roses with 2 tones etc.  The prices seem very reasonable, too.  When I see instagrams of Japanese flower shops and flower lessons, I wish we had similar types of flowers here because the flowers they have are really beautiful and special but I also know they are quite expensive as they look after them so much.  I don’t necessarily see those special flowers but it’s quite fun to be able to buy less expensive flowers often when we go to a supermarket.










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