Neighbour’s Drinks Party, Woodpecker & Hedgehog

1月初めに、「お忙しいと思いますがお時間があれば、近所の人と集まって Drinks Party をしたいと思っているのですが、どうですか?」とご近所の方から招待状をいただいていて、今日のお昼にその集まりがありました。今住んでいる家はメインの通り(と言っても村なので小さな道ですが)から横道(私道)に入り、その横道はぐるっと曲線を描いて行き止まりになっていて、その曲線の部分に7軒立っているうちの1つなので、6軒ご近所さんがあります。実際に住み始める前、イギリスに到着してすぐに鍵の受け渡しにきた丁度その日にその中の1軒で私道部分にある芝生が植わっていたり木やお花が植えてある部分のお手入れについてのミーティングがあり、わたしたちも参加したのでその時にほとんどの方とはお顔合わせだけは済んでいますが、雑談をする時間はなかったですし、住むようになって丁度2ヶ月経ちますがうちにお招きできる状態ではないので、今回初めてまともにお話をする機会でした。

In early January, we had an invitation from one of our neighbours asking if we would have time to come to a drinks party with the neighbours in our small street, and it was today at lunch.  The house we are living in is in a close (private road) and there are 7 houses including ours in the close, so we have 6 neighbouring houses.  We did meet some of them when we first came to get the key for the house because there was a meeting of the residents to discuss maintenance of the green and some flower beds on that day and we attended that.  However, it was just a meeting and we didn’t have much chance to talk to anyone.  It’s been 2 months since we moved in properly but our house isn’t in a good state for us to host a party, so this was really the first opportunity to be able to talk to our neighbours properly.

Drinks Partyというのは英国独特のものらしく、アメリカではカクテルパーティーになるようですが、お酒を飲みながらフィンガーフードをつまんで、あれこれお話をして、2、3時間でお暇するようなパーティーのことのようです。

Drinks Party seems to me an English term, I think it’s called Cocktail party in the US.  It’s a gathering where alcohol and finger foods and nibbles are served and lasts 2 to 3 hours.


We had various finger foods and nibbles with sparkling wine and wine, I talked to mostly to the ladies.  It started at 12.00pm and we left a little before 3.00pm.  At first we had drinks in the kitchen around the island, then had some food, then moved to the living room to sit down and continue chatting.

初めての方達の中で写真を撮る勇気はなかったのでパーティーの写真はないのですが、お庭にウッドペッカーが来ていたのでその写真を撮りました。離れた家の中からガラス越しなのでこんな写真ですが。他にたくさんの Goldfinch (日本語ではごしきひわ、というそうです)が来ていました。うちの庭はほんの2軒隣なだけなのですが、Goldfinch も Woodpecker も見かけたことがありません。

With all the new people I didn’t feel comfortable to take any photos of the party but I did take some photos of a woodpecker we saw in their garden.  This was taken through a wet window quite away from the feeders, so this is the best I could do.  We also saw a lot of goldfinches.  Our house is next door but one, but we’ve never seen goldfinches or woodpeckers in our garden.



And apparently they have hedgehogs, too!  She told us they come to our garden, too.  We are going to buy a hedgehog house and food for them soon, and I really hope we can seem them!  So exciting!


I’m not good with meeting new people so I was a little nervous but there wa plenty to talk about – about England, Singapore, about the area where we are living, I enjoyed talking to them and exchanging some information.  Hope we can get to know each other slowly.  Once the renovation of our house is done hopefully we can have a house warming party.

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