Fried-Rice And Sausage Sandwich


After coming back from the party, I did some blogging, then we did some house chores together and it was soon tea time.  It felt a little chilly today so we put the fire on in the living room to have tea – then I felt sleepy and ended up having a nap (having had sparkling wine at lunch time I’m not surprised) and woke up just in time to prepare supper.


There were a couple of sausages left from last night so my husband made a sausage sandwich.  I had fried-rice using frozen rice.  I don’t mind fried-rice with soy sauce but I tend to prefer it with Japanese Worcestershire sauce & tonkatsu sauce with some chilli pepper.




There is another storm since yesterday, but it’s not bad at all around here.  However, I see Wales and some other area have serious damage from flooding.  Even though it’s not bad around here, you do see quite a lot of flooded roads when you go out in the car and it’s not really possible to have a walk in a country lane because it’s just been too muddy.  We are looking forward to having some walks when it’s drier.

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