Korean-Style Fried Chicken & Halloumi Burger (with Cucumber Pickle, Sweet Potato and Sriracha Mayo)

今日のディナーは Hello Fresh の「Korean-Style Fried Chicken & Halloumi Burger (with Cucumber Pickle, Sweet Potato and Sriracha Mayo)」(韓国風フライドチキンとハルミバーガー、きゅうりのピクルスとさつまいもとシラチャマヨネーズ添え)でした。ずっと後回しにしていたのは、調理時間が40分と長いから(笑)。40分と書かれているということは50分くらいかかるようです。なんだか毎日家の片付けなどでバタバタしていて、じっくりお料理の気分ではないのです。時間が有り余っているはずなのに(笑)。

Today’s dinner was Hello Fresh’s Korean-Style Fried Chicken & Halloumi Burger (with Cucumber Pickle, Sweet Potato and Sriracha Mayo).  The reason why we left this until today was the cooking time says 40 minutes.  If it says 40 minutes it takes about 50 minutes and we have been so busy trying to put the house in order we haven’t been in the mood to spend much time cooking.  I don’t know why so busy.


I found this a little stressful to cook, to be honest.  There were a lot of things to do and a few of the ingredients needed to be divided into two and used for 2 different elements.  Also we realised today that we made a mistake the other day when we cooked Harissa Chicken.  We should have used chopped chicken rather than chopping 2 chicken thighs.  So today we had to use chopped ones, which isn’t ideal for burgers!  We thought the small pieces would fall off the buns but actually it wasn’t bad, they did stay in.


There are two different sauces, one is a sweet one with honey, sesame oil, soy sauce and Sriracha sauce, the other one is spicy one of Mayonnaise and Sriracha sauce.  I think we used too much of the sweet sauce, it’s nicer with more of the spicy one.  You need to fiddle with the balance.


It didn’t seem like Korean style but it was good.  I must say we didn’t taste the Halloumi cheese at all because the other flavours are strong, although we could feel the texture.  Another problem we found was the roasted sweet potato was done much too early and had gone cold by the time other elements were done.  I think it’s hard to get the timing right.



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