Warming Beef Harira-Style Soup (with Sumac Ciabatta Dippers)


It was cloudy today, a little warmer, though.  The lowest was 5C or 6C and the highest was, I think, I little over 10C.


We did more unboxing again.  I think we unboxed about 15 boxes in about 3 hours.  There around 10 more boxes left in the storage room, so we can probably finish them by the end of next week.  Once all if that is done, we’ll have to go through the boxes and stuff that we have in my future dressing room, they are mostly clothes, bags and some stuff from our bedroom in Singapore.  Then that’ll be it for now.  We will have to move things around, I’m sure, but we’ll have done all the boxes that we can unpack at this point.  We still have many boxes of books and my craft stuff and stationeries etc that are from our Study in Singapore, but we cannot unpack those until the garage is converted.  So far I’ve been busy enough so not too bad but once things are in order I will miss my craft badly.  If I’d know this was going to happen I would have packed some essential stuff in one or two boxes so I can still do something, but who could have known?


I’ve been forgetting to write it but the clock went back to summer time last Sunday.  As we are now an hour later, the sunset is naturally getting later, and it is still light until around 8.00pm.  We usually have our dinner around 7.30pm (sometimes around 8.00pm), and until recently it was always dark by the time we started dinner, but since the summer time started it’s still light outside when we start dinner.  When we came to England in November, it was pitch dark by 4.00pm, it’s so different.  When the summer comes, it’ll be light until 10.00pm or later.

さて、今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Warming Beef Harira-Style Soup (with Sumac Ciabatta Dippers)」でした。ビーフミンチを炒めたところに玉ねぎと人参を加え更に炒め、ニンニク、ハリサペースト、Ras-el-Hanout というモロッコのスパイスを加えてさっと炒めたところにパックのトマトとレンティルを加えて8分ほど煮たら出来上がりです。

Today’s dinner was Hello Fresh’s Warming Beef Harira-Style Soup (with Sumac Ciabatta Dippers)“.  First you sautee minced beef, add onion and carrot and sautee further, then put in garlic, Harissa paste, Ras-el Hanout (a Moroccan spice mix), stir a little, then add a pack of chopped tomatoes and cooked lentils then simmer for 8 minutes or so and it’s done.


We actually used the pack of lentils that was supposed to be for this recipe the other day when we made the roasted cauliflower and lentil daal, so we cooked some Italian lentils that we had in the cupboard.  We had also used the Ciabatta for another dinner, so we didn’t sprinkle sumac on the bread (slices of the bread that we baked at home). Instead, we just sprinkled some sumac on the soup.  My husband followed the recipe and added some sliced olives and a dollop of yogurt but I felt it didn’t seem right so didn’t.  I did try a few olives in the soup and it did taste good.


Harira soup is what they have when ramadan finishes in Morocco.  I had learned how to make it in another cooking class some time ago but this one is totally different.  It did taste good, though.  We ate only about a half of what we made, so we’ll have the other half tomorrow for lunch.  We find that soup from Hello Fresh has generous portions, usually enough for 2 meals for us.



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