Gin & Tonic


We were having such beautiful weather for a long time and the days are getting longer, the other day we said “It’ll be lovely to have a G&T in the garden before dinner now.”, but we didn’t have either gin or tonic water in the house.  When you are invited to a dinner party by English people, they often offer you some drinks before you actually start dinner, and serve some nibbles like crisps or nuts to go with them.  People have all sorts of pre-dinner drinks but many of them like Gin & Tonic and we used to have it often, too.  We almost never have pre drinks when we are just the two of us but with the beautiful weather and the garden we felt like it.  (I don’t know if people still do that, many of my friends seem to be health conscious and aren’t drinking as much as before.)


So we ordered a bottle of gin and some tonic water and had a G&T each the other day, but we realised we had no ice.  We hadn’t needed ice in English weather and we’d always had once of those fridge/freezer that has ice dispenser on the door all our married life so we didn’t even think about it, but the fridge/freezer that came with the house is small and we are using every corner of the small freezer for food, so there is no room for an ice tray.  Fortunately I found the ice cube bags that I bought a decade ago and made a bag of ice.


So, we finally had G&T properly!  Except that it’s been raining and we couldn’t have it in the garden.  The temperature also dropped down to 12C or 13C max.  We did enjoy it but I would like to have it in the garden with good weather next time – but the forecast says it’ll be raining all week.





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