Hoisin Chicken & Plum Stir-fry

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Hoisin Chicken & Plum Stir-fry(チキンとプラムのホイシンソース炒め)」でした。チキンとパクチョイ(夫が大嫌いなお野菜なので、代わりにキャベツを使いました)、ニンニク、赤唐辛子、プラムを炒めてホイシンソース、ケチャップマニス、お醤油、蜂蜜で味をつけて青ネギを最後に散らします。


Today’s dinner was “Hoisin Chicken & Plum Stir-fry” from Hello Fresh.  You stir-fry chicken, then add Bok Choi (as my husband hates this we used cabbage instead), then plums, garlic, chilli and season it with Hoisin Sauce, Kejap Manis, Soy Sauce & Honey. It is served on rice and sprinkled with green onions.  I have to say I didn’t enjoy this, it was quite boring because it was mostly chicken, it needed something crispy.  We should have added more vegetables.





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