Cold Chinese Noodles Japanese Way


The days of summer have changed into damp and cold days.  I was so cold wearing a no-sleeve top to go to the loo in the morning I’ve changed my pyjamas back to wintery ones.



We didn’t have enough bread for sandwiches, not enough rice in the freezer for stir-fry.  We could have had ramen noodles but I decided to make cold Chinese noodles in Japanese way, which is a very popular dish in summer in Japan.  Occasionally I crave for it and I guess I thought of it because the hot weather had reminded me of it even though it’s a miserable damp day today.  I used noodles from instant noodle pack and topped with cucumber, tomato, egg and Parma Ham (we usually use thinly sliced roast ham but we didn’t have it at home and we had a half eaten Parma Ham package).  A little grated ginger, mustard and Japanese pickled ginger in the middle and scattered some roasted sesame.  The sauce was a mixture of sugar, soy sauce and vinegar.  You mix everything in the bowl when you eat.

As we cannot use lots of ice like we used to we weren’t able to make the noodles very cold but the tap water isn’t warm today so it was good enough.  We enjoyed it very much.  English cucumber doesn’t have very much flavour, it would have been even nicer with Japanese cucumber.



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