Birthday Dinner!


It’s my husband’s birthday today.  The first birthday he’s had since we moved to England.  We would probably have celebrated it somewhere in Europe or some nice hotel in England if this Corona thing hadn’t happened, but we couldn’t even eat out.  (Restaurants are open here but we don’t feel safe yet).  Except for a couple of occasions when we bought sandwiches from a little supermarket at the petrol station we haven’t eaten out or even done any take out and have been having all of our lunches and dinners (other than when we were at our friends’ or family’s) for longer than 4 months!  This never happened in our married life, not even in my life before then since I grew up.)

ということで、お祝いディナーは夫が大好きなステーキ。Petworth のお肉屋さんでリブアイを2、5センチくらいの厚さに切ってもらったのを1切れずつ。と言っても最初から完食するつもりではなく、残りは明日のランチにします。付け合わせはいつものように、これも夫が大好きなポテトのドルフィノア、あとは茹でた人参と蒸し炒めのブロッコリー。今日はテーブルにお花も。

So, to celebrate his birthday, we had steak that my husband loves.  We bought 2 slices of very thick steak (we asked the butcher to slice around 2.5cm thickness) from the butcher in Petworth.  We weren’t even trying to finish it all, our plan was to have left-over for lunch tomorrow.  The side dishes are as always Potato Dauphinoise, which is my husband’s favourite, and boiled carrots and steam stir-fried broccoli.  I moved the flowers to the table, too.


I marinaded the steak in garlic, rosemary, soy sauce, honey & olive oil the night before and my husband cooked them using the Anova (low temperature cooking equipment) then seared both sides in a frying pan.  I don’t usually eat lots of meat, specially when it’s a large lump of meat like steak, but this one was so tender and delicious, with no gaminess, I had to force myself to leave enough for tomorrow’s lunch.  I think I left about 1/3 and my husband about 1/5.  We should always ask the butcher to slice thickly as it makes for much better results.  I’m already looking forward to having it for lunch tomorrow.















It would have been lovely if we could celebrate somewhere beautiful but I am very grateful that we are both well and were able to celebrate it together.  Hope we can celebrate it somewhere nice next year.


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