Sicilian-Style Penne Caponata (with Sausage Meat & Aubergine)

今日の夕食は、Hello Fresh の「Sicilian-Style Penne Caponata (with Sausage Meat & Aubergine)」(シチリア風ペンネ・カポナータ、ソーセージと茄子入り)でした。

Today’s dinner was “Sicilian-Style Penne Caponata (with Sausage Meat & Aubergine)” from Hello Fresh.


In England, sausages are raw and you need to cook them, whereas in Japan sausages in general can be eaten without cooking as they are the Frankfurter type.  Here you can also get “sausage meat”, which is not made into sausages, just the filling, and we used sausage meat for this dish.

茄子と赤パプリカは塩胡椒オリーブオイルをしてオーブンで焼きます。オーブンで焼くと同時進行で他の作業が出来ますし失敗も少ないので、Hello Fresh のレシピでは大抵何かをオーブンで焼きます。同時にフライパンでソーセージ用ポークを炒めて玉ねぎを足してさらに炒め、サイダービネガーを加えて水分を蒸発させてからパックの水煮のトマト、チキンストックパウダー、お水、塩胡椒、お砂糖を加えてとろみがつくまで10分から15分弱火で煮ます。茄子とパプリカが焼きあがったらここに加えて、別に茹でたパスタと和えてパルメジャンタイプのチーズをのせて出来上がりです。家にあったバジルも加えました。とても美味しかったです。


Aubergine and red pepper were roasted in the oven after being covered with salt, pepper & olive oil.  As cooking in the oven lets you cook something else on the stove at the same time and it’s relatively foolproof – Hello Fresh recipes use the oven this way very often often.  At the same time, you sauté sausage meat in a frying pan for a few minutes, then add chopped onion and sauté further few minutes before adding cider vinegar and letting it evaporate, then add a pack of tomatoes, chicken stock powder, water, salt, pepper & sugar and simmer it until it thickens for 10-15 minutes.  When the aubergine and red pepper are cooked you add them in the sauce – and that’s the pasta sauce.  Cook pasta separately at the same time, mix them together, plate it and sprinkle some Parmesan type cheese.

The portion was quite large so about a quarter is left – we’ll try to have it for lunch tomorrow.






The purple roses are from our garden and the pink ones are from next door’s (that came over the fence, we’d asked their permission sometime ago for us to cut some off).  Both of them have lovely fragrance.




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