Vegetable Curry


It was sunny all day, I’m sure it was hot to work in the gardens for the gardeners.  Apparently, its going to get even hotter tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

We saw a lot of juvenile goldfinches today as well as adult ones.  We see quite a lot of goldfinches in general but today there were specially many and so many of them were juvenile.  Many of them were having a water bath in our little pond.  My husband asked the gardeners what to do with all the green stuff growing in the pond, and was told to pull them out, let them dry on the side and put them in the garden bin so that’s what he did, maybe it made it easier for the birds to have a bath there.


Today’s dinner was vegetable curry that we froze sometime ago with a salad.  As the freezer is quite small we need to eat what we freeze, or we cannot freeze any more.  It’s quite inconvenient that the freezer is so small, we cannot even make much ice.





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