Walking in West Dean Gardens

今日の午後、7月中旬にお友達ご夫婦と行ったWest Dean Gardens」に同じお友達ご夫婦と待ち合わせて、またご一緒しました。今回は、お庭の方ではなく広い敷地内をぶらぶら歩きながらあれこれキャッチアップ。午前中はよく晴れていましたが午後からは雲が多いお天気で時々風も強くて少し寒かったりもしましたが、歩いていると暑くなったので寒いくらいで丁度良かったです。

We met our friend couple at “West Dean Gardens” this afternoon; we had last met them at the same place in the middle of July.  This time, rather than the gardens, we walked in the grounds and did some catch up with each other.  It was sunny in the morning but became quite cloudy and windy in the afternoon, but I did get quite hot after walking up a little hill so I’m glad it was very cool.










As soon as we got into the grounds I saw these very bright pink flower and asked our friends what they were but they didn’t know them either.  My husband said “Crocus” but I said “They do look like crocuses but they are much too large and at the wrong time of the year”.  He checked on his phone plant identifier application and found out they were “autumn crocuses”.  I’d never seen them before.  There were 2 types and both of them seem to be “autumn crocuses”.






We were looking forward to having walks in England before we moved here but at first we had rain all the time and everywhere was flooded, then lockdown happened, then it got too hot – so we haven’t managed to do much walking.  My phone application says I walked 7,569 steps, 5.4km today.  I think we walked for around 2 hours and then had a little chat with apple juice in the cafe before parting.


We are lucky that this place is only 15 minutes’ drive from us and there are many other lovely places around us.  We’d like to do some more walks before the weather changes and starts raining again.






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