Glass Noodles in Mapo Sauce & Gyoza


It was cloudy in the morning again but sunny in the afternoon.  The temperature didn’t rise much, the highest was 14C, so it felt cold and we used the fireplace again.  We are wondering if we should turn the central heating on or not.  The bedroom still goes to about 20C so not so cold, so it seems OK just to use the fireplace in the evening at the moment.



A large parcel arrived from Japan.  I buy this and that on Amazon Japan or some other sites in Japan and have them sent to my sister’s, and she sends them to me after there is enough stuff to fill a big box.  She usually sends a couple of parcels every few months to me and adds snacks and a few other things in the parcel for me.  It is quite a pain to send a parcel to England from Japan because you have to write each item with the value in detail, so I really appreciate her doing this for me.


In the parcel this time she included a pack of Mapo Harusame (Glass Noodles) kit, which has Mapo sauce and dried glass noodles.  All you do is stir-fry some vegetables, add water, the Mayo sauce and the noodles, let it cook until the noodles are cooked and the water has evaporated.  Apparently my sister likes using more water and have it like Ramen, but by the time she told me that I’d already read the instruction on the package and my mind was already anticipating to have the Mapo Harusame, so I just made it as the instruction says.  I very seldom use this sort of things and if we get one I tend to keep it for a rainy day but then I would forget it’s existence and find it after it’s well past the best by date, so this time I decided to use it straight away.  This is my first time to make Mapo Harusame and maybe the first time to eat it – though I have a feeling my sister might’ve cooked it once when I was staying with her in Japan.


The packet said it was for 3 people so we didn’t think we should cook many other dishes – we just cooked gyoza (store-bought frozen).


For the noodles we added carrot, spring onion and bean sprouts (that we had frozen before) but I think we added too much vegetables, it was less seasoned than I expected because the package said “it goes with rice so well” – and it does but that phrase is usually used for heavily seasoned dishes. We enjoyed it very much anyway, but I would add Dobanjan (chilli paste) next time as it wasn’t very spicy.  Gyoza was done well, too.











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