Chicken with Grapes, Cider & Cream with Roasted Apple & Cabbage


It was a nice sunny day today after the last few days’ rain, but the highest temperature is only 14C so it feels chilly.  The forecast says it’ll be nice weather for the next few days.

今日のディナーは Nigela Slater の「Chicken with Grapes, Cider & Ceram」(チキンとぶどうのサイダー煮クリームソース)を作りました。(家には黒いぶどうはなくコットンキャンディーというグリーンのぶどうがあったので、グリーンを使いました。)秋なので(というか、もうここは冬の気候ですが。。。)秋らしいチキンのお料理を作りたいと思っていたところに Maki Evans さんのインスタグラムの投稿で見かけたレシピ。同じ方が芽キャベツとりんごのローストと一緒に作っておられたので、我が家も(芽キャベツは家になかったのですがキャベツがあったので)キャベツとりんごのロースト(レシピは、Maki Evans がリンクされていた bacchette_e_pomodoroさんのレシピを参考にしました)を添えて更に秋らしく。

We cooked Nigel Slater’s “Chicken with Grapes, Cider & Cream”.  (We used green grapes “Cotton Candy” instead of black grapes as that’s what we had.)  When I was thinking that we want to cook something autumnal, I saw Maki Evans’s post on this dish so we tried it.  The post also showed the side dish of Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Apple from Instagram Bacchette_e_pomodoro  so we cooked it as a side dish as well, although we used ordinary cabbage rather than Brussels Sprouts as we didn’t have them.


We halved the quantities of the ingredients of the chicken dish except for the cider and cream – we used a full amount of these.  The moisture was almost gone when it was cooked before adding cream so it was quite a heavy creamy sauce.  It was very good but I personally prefer the sauce to be a little less heavy, so I would use more cider next time.








ちなみに、キャンドルは昨日 Petworth で入ったお店で購入しました。黒のキャンドルを探しているのですが、ネットで見かけるものは外側だけ黒くて中は白いものばかりなので、まだ買えずにいます。これは、かなり黒に近い暗いボルドー色(写真より暗い色)なのですが、これはこれで我が家のダイニングルームに合っていて(出来上がりを待っているダイニングチェアーのカバーとぴったりなはず)、良い感じです。

We bought these candles in Petworth in a nice little shop that we went into.  We’ve been looking for black candles for this candle stand but so far what I find online are made with white wax and coloured outside in black so we haven’t bought any.  These ones are very dark burgundy, much darker than than photo shows, and go well in our dining room (they should go perfectly with the new covers for the dining chairs that are being made.)



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