New Olive Oil From Umbria – With Bread


It’s been a month since I wrote that it’s already October, it’s November now, only 2 months left this year, I find it hard to believe!  We don’t celebrate Halloween but those who do must miss it this year, specially the children.  It’s another dark rainy day today, I don’t know if this is typical this time of year but we seem to be having a lot of rain.


At lunch today we tried the olive oil that we received from our friend in Umbria yesterday – we dipped nice crusty bread in the oil.  Look at the colour!  So green!  It also tastes very green and a little spicy.  It’s so good, the trouble is we eat too much bread!


In the last 12 years or so, we’ve been purchasing a large amount of oil from this friend or her friend once a year.  I use left-over oil from the year before for cooking and use the new oil for salads and things that we don’t heat up – although we’ve run out of oil from the year before and used the new oil for cooking later in the year a few times.  It’s great that this year the shipping fee was much less than when we lived in Asia.  The colour and the aroma get lost little by little so the new oil is very special.





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