New Cookery Book – Festa Italiana

イタリアのウンブリアのお友達、Letizia Mattiacci さんの2冊目のお料理本が数日前に届きました。1冊目は「A Kitchen With A View」という 本で、2015年に出版されました。その時のブログに、本のことやお知り合いになったきかっけなど書いていますが、ほんの数年前だと思っていたら、もう5年経つのですね。今回ご出版の本は「Festa Italiana」、イタリアのお祭りの時に食べるもののレシピ集。レシピだけではなく、イタリアの食文化についてもたくさん書かれていて、とても興味深い内容です。ほとんど捏ねず、ゆっくりと発酵させて焼くパンのレシピもあり、使う粉についても詳しく書かれています。Letizia さんのブログ最近の記事にビデオ付きで詳しく書かれていますので 、興味のある方は覗いてみてください。

Our friend Letizia Mattiacci in Umbria in Italy published her 2nd cookery book and we ordered some copies which were delivered the other day.  She published her 1st book  “A Kitchen With A View”  5 years ago (I cannot believe it’s been 5 years already!) and I wrote about that book in my blog as well as how we met and became friends.  Her 2nd book is “Festa Italiana”, which includes lots of recipes for the food you have at festivals, but also lots about Italian food culture – it is very interesting.  One of the recipes is Rustic Loaf, which is bread baked with slow fermentation without kneading much and it includes details about what flour to use etc.  If you are interested please read her blog post about the book at her website.





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