Japanese Curry



Today’s dinner was Japanese curry using the shin of beef and cabbage that was left-over from the pot au feu we cooked a little while ago.  I sauteed cumin seeds in oil, then added chopped onion and cooked until it’s nice and sweet, then cumin powder, coriander powder & Madras curry powder until they all mingle together and smell nice.  I then adeed 2 tomatoes from a tin of Italian tomatoes, cooked it to let the acidity go, then added the defrosted beef & cabbage, water, and chopped carrot.  I simmered it until the carrot started to get soft, added thickly sliced onion and some chopped potatoes and cooked until the potatoes started to get soft.  Finally I added a few different Japanese curry roux, let it all cook a little and it was done.  The beef was so tender and lovely and the curry was delicious.

I know we had Indian curry just the other day, but somehow Japanese curry has a different position in our mind.






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