Pumpkin Soup And Persimmon & Mushroom Salad


かぼちゃは、オンラインスーパーで北イタリアの Delica というかぼちゃの仲間を見つけたので買ってみました。でも、日本のかぼちゃより色が薄めでオレンジというより黄色くなり、味も似た系統ですが甘みは日本のかぼちゃほど強くなく味も薄め。夫は「結構美味しいよ」と言っていましたが、わたし的にはいまいちでした。日本のかぼちゃは煮るだけですごく甘くて味も濃くて美味しいですが、これはローストしないと美味しくないのかも、と思います。半分ちょっと残っているので、ローストしてみようと思います。

Today’s dinner was Pumpkin Soup and a salad of persimmon, mushroom & salami with fennel seeds.

I found a “Delica” pumpkin from north Italy in an online supermarket.  I’ve heard of this and it’s supposed to be similar to the Japanese kabocha pumpkin.  However, the colour was more yellow than orange (Japanese ones are quite orange) and I can see the similarities in the taste but isn’t as sweet or strong flavoured as Japanese kabocha.  My husband said it wasn’t so bad, it was actually quite good, but I didn’t think it was very good.  Japanese kabocha is very sweet and very fluffy, all I need to do is to cook it in water and mash it but this needed something extra.   I should probably roast it.  There is more than a half left so I’ll try that.


I’ve very seldom added cream to pumpkin soup because Japanese kabocha is very sweet as it is but this one really needed something, so I added quite a lot of cream, which made it sweeter, and also another drizzle of cream after plating it.





The salad was persimmon, mushroom and salami with fennel.  I wished we had some rocket leaves or some other salad leaves but we didn’t.




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