Frittata & Salad


As we expected, there has been an announcement that more areas will be under Tier 4 from midnight of the 26th and our area is one of them.  We are in Tier 2 now but will soon be in Tier 4.  There have been few numbers of people infected or killed by the coronavirus in this area up until recently, but the numbers have been increasing at an alarming speed in the last one week, probably because of the new virus variant that spreads faster.  The situation looks as bad as it was at the peak in spring or quite a lot worse in this area and I fear that it’ll get even worse in the next couple of weeks as I expect many people will get together with their families on Christmas Day.  Besides, another new form of the virus that spreads fast has been found.  It is very depressing and scary, I wonder when it will really end.  I feel many people including ourselves have sort of got used to the situation to a certain degree and may not be taking care as much as the beginning, so we should try to be as careful as we can.  Having said that, we hardly go out, we aren’t eating out, we hardly see anyone so I don’t think there is a lot more we could do…


Today’s dinner was onion omelette (Frittata) – a good friend of mine in Tokyo made it for me when I visited Tokyo –  and a salad.  My husband made the salad – tomato, apple, celery, pepper, salad leaves.  Usually, we keep a little of the omelette to use in sandwiches on the following day, but we didn’t have any bread so we ended up finishing everything today.

















Tomorrow is already Christmas Eve!  It’s actually already Christmas Eve in Japan as they are nine hours ahead of us.  Many Japanese celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day itself and I’ve seen someone already packing up all her Christmas decorations! I suppose Christmas doesn’t mean a lot to most Japanese, specially this year, not many people are getting together with their friends.

We’ll be celebrating it with Christmas dinner at home, just the two of us quietly, on Christmas Day.




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