Thai Style Beef Salad


As we had quite a lot of left-over steak from Sunday’s dinner, we used it to make a Thai style beef salad (Laab).  I remembered just before we started cooking that I’d thrown away the limes that we’d had in the fridge as their colour had changed, so we had to use lemon.  They have different flavour of course but it was still very tasty.  We used to have limes in the fridge all the time as I used to cook Thai quite often but we don’t cook it so often here, so we sometimes run out of limes.


We also used the vegetables that they don’t usually use in Thailand so I probably shouldn’t call this Thai Beef Salad, it’s a “Thai style” beef salad.


The vegetables we used are onion, celery, tomato, cucumber, salad leaves.  Herbs we used are Kaffia lime leaves, coriander, spring onion and mint.  We also used toasted and ground rice as we had some left from the last time when we cooked Laab.  The dressing is a basic Thai salad dressing – lemon juice (should have been lime juice), fish sauce, sugar and chilli flakes.  The beef was still so good and the salad was delicious.


We wondered if we made too much of it but we finished it.  Every time when we have a Thai meal at home, I feel “I really love Thai food!”.  I haven’t eaten Thai food in Thailand for a long time and haven’t even eaten in a Thai restaurant for a long time, though.







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