Beyond Burger



Today’s dinner was Beyond Burger, which is a plant-based burger, served with oven chips done with paprika & olive oil, plus a salad.  In the burger bun we put lettuce, sauteed onion, tomato, cornichon and a sauce we made with mayonnaise, ketchup and Sri Racha sauce and minced onion.  We had tried these burgers once before and thought “so-so” – and we still thought “so so” this time.  The texture is very much like thoroughly cooked beef, which is quite bouncy, but I’m not sure if I like the taste.  It has quite a strong smoky flavour like BBQ’d food.  When I searched online, I saw someone commenting she/he detected a slight smokey flavour but it’s not “slight” at all, at least to me.

Also I guess we used the wrong type of bread for the buns.  We used M&S’s round ciabatta because it was sort of the right size and shape, but it is quite chewy and didn’t seem to work as a burger bun.  We’ve tried a couple of different burger buns from supermarkets in the past but they weren’t nice at all and so thought we’d try these, but it should be a little softer to work properly.







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