Beef Stew



Again, we are trying to use what is in the freezer and we decided to combine Beef Bouguignon and Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew for tonight’s dinner as each pack didn’t seem to have enough for 2.  There was more than necessary but we can use the left-over to make pasta sauce or curry for lunch.  We had it with boiled potato and sugar snap peas, it was very good.  I find that things like stew improves while sitting in the freezer.

There are some gyoza still in the freezer but other than that I think we have had almost all the “meals” we had stored in there.  There is still some uncooked meat left but not a lot so we’ll probably need to go to the butcher sometime soon.



The yellow flowers in the living room are Freesias, which were delivered yesterday as subscription flowers.  They were almost all just green buds yesterday and are now open about 1/4, so they don’t look very impressive yet, but I guess they’ll be looking more full in a couple of days.







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