Roast Pork


It’s April from today.  It looks like cherry blossom season is nearly over in Japan.  The cherry trees in the green in front of us here don’t seem to even have buds yet.  Our garden has a lot of narcisus and daffodils blooming now, purple muscalis are growing larger and taller and a few red tulips are opening up, so it’s looking quite early-spring-like.


I thoght we were going to have quite a few days of warm sunny weather, but after 2 beautiful days, it’s been very grey yesterday and today.  Although the temprature is still 16C, with quite strong wind, it feels chilly.  It’s going to be even colder tomorrow, then early next week it looks like we will be back to winter with highest temperature of 6C and the lowest minus 2C!!


Today’s dinner was Roast Pork – with crackling, Yorkshire pudding, roast potato, roast parsnip, roast Jerusalem artichoke & apple sauce.  Yorkshire pudding worked well, the crackling was so nice and crunchy and everything was good, which doesn’t happen for us often.  Usually in England apple sauce is like paste but I prefer with more texture so I don’t cook it as long, I added a little clove today and it was good.  The only thing I don’t like about roast dinner is it’s all brown!



















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