Khoresh (Persian Stew)


It’s been quite good weather with lots of sunshine but the temperature is still quite low, so when there is some wind or when you are in the shade it feels very cold.  It is still around 1C lowest, 12C highest.  We thought it was much warmer last year, so I checked my own blog and we were right, the cherry trees in the green in front of us were in full bloom this time of year.  My husband used to sunbath in the garden often this time of year last year; he tried a couple of times recently but didnt stay out long saying it was too cold.  The roses, Mexican orange blossom and azelias were all already flowering.  This year there haven’t been any blooms (other than the spring bulbs), some have small buds but that is all.  Our garden designer came this morning for another discussion and we were talking about it and she said, “Oh, the spring last year was exceptional, I’ve never known such a spring.”  So it was an exception last year.   I remember that the winter was awful with endless rains and floodings everywehre, but it suddenly started getting warmer with lots of sunny days just before lockdown started in late March.


さて、今日の夕食は、ペルシャ料理の Khoresh という煮込み料理。この間も書いた「tastesmiths」でオーダーしたスパイスなどがパックになった物を使いました。入っていたのは、生姜、ニンニク、赤い大きなフレッシュの唐辛子、乾燥ライム、カッシア(シナモンの外側の皮だと思います)、ミックススパイス。他に必要なのは、玉ねぎ、缶トマト、ひよこ豆(缶詰)、人参とメインになるチキン(もも肉を使いました)かラムか茄子とサツマイモ。ペルシャでは茄子で作られることが多いらしいです。

The dinner today was Persian stew “Khoresh”, using a set from “tastesmiths” like the other day.  The set included ginger, garlic cloves, a large fresh red chilli, dried lime, cassia, mixed spice.  We also needed onion, tin tomato, chick peas (tin), carrot and chicken (we used chicken thigh) or lamb or aubergine & sweet potato.  Apparently, in Iran they often use aubergine.


One unusual thing was the dried lime.  I remember we used it at a cooking class once in Singapore but I think it’s quite an unusual ingredient.  You poke it with something to make some holes, cook it with the rest.  After 10 minutes, you squash it so juice comes out and after everything is cooked you chop it very finely and mix it with the rest.  I read that you are supposed to use saffron but I’m not sure if there was any in the spice mix, I felt the strongest spice was paprika.  We had it with rice and enjoyed it very much.





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