Curry (From Left-Overs)



No major side effect after yesterday’s 2nd jab.  Just a little pain when I push near the needle went in like the 1st time, but nothing else so far.  I think both myself and my husband were very lucky as I know many people have some bad side effects – touch wood!

As we had left-over pasta sauce from the other day and we cooked extra potatoes and carrots when doing those we had with the pie and also I left some beef filling yesterday, we used  them to make curry.  Whenever we have anything left, my husband says “Make curry!”.  I sauteed cumin seeds, then onion, then garlic & ginger, then coriander powder, cumin powder and curry powder, then added the left-over pasta sauce, beef, potatoes and carrots and water, then Japanese curry roux, simmered for 5 or 10 minutes and it was done.





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