2nd Vaccine & Turner’s Pies


I had my 2nd jab for Coronavirus this afternoon.  I don’t know if it’s true (it’s difficult to know as everyone reacts differently) I’ve heard that taking paracetamol before the jab helps to reduce the side effect so I took some.   So far no side effect, but it hasn’t even a half day since I had the jab so I’ll have to wait and see.  After the 1st jab, I had a slight ache in the arm I had it on but that was all; I’m hoping it’ll be the same this time.


今日のディナーは、ワクチンを打ちに行ったところから戻る途中で、チチェスター の街にある以前一度買ったことがある「Turner’s Pies」というパイ(甘いパイもあるとは思いますが、食事用のパイがメイン)お店で買ってきたパイと茹でたお野菜でした。買ったのは、ビーフのギネス(黒ビール)煮込みのパイ。人参、ポテト、ステムブロッコリーを茹でたものを添えてグレービーをかけていただきました。

On our way back from where I had the jab, we stopped in Chichester town centre and bought a pie from “Turner’s Pies” – Beef in Guiness – and had that with boiled carrots, potatoes & stem broccoli for dinner today.









The pie on top was very light and yummy and the beef was very good, too.  As you can see it’s filled with so much beef, a half pie was too much for me so I left quite a lot but it’ll go in a curry we are plannning to make.



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