Family Gathering At Bill’s (Chichester)

義弟夫婦が我が家のチチェスター のギャラリーに来るというので、終わってからチチェスター で一緒にランチをしました。2人が選んだのは、「Bill’s」というカフェ、イギリスのチェーン店でオーストラリアのビルズとは違います。わたしたちも雰囲気が好きでロックダウン前は時々ランチに行っていましたが、記憶では窓が開かなかったので換気がよくないと思い避けていました。行ってみるとやはり窓は開かない様子でしたが、お客さんはとても少なかったので大丈夫そうな雰囲気でした。遅い時間だったせいか(1時45分)、わたしたちが行ったときは数組お客さんがおられましたが、帰る頃にはわたしたちだけになっていました。

We had lunch with my brother-in-law and his wife in Chichester as they were going to a gallery there.  They chose “Bill’s”, which is a cafe chain.  We used to go there now and again for lunch before lockdown but this was our first time since then, we’ve been avoiding the place to be honest because as far as we could remember its air circulation isn’t good without any windows you can open.  We were right about not being able to have any windows open, but there weren’t many customers so it didn’t seem too bad.  Our booking was at 1.45pm so it was after peak lunch time.





My husband (and our sister-in-law) had Eggs Benedict.





I had Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger.  It was using chicken breast rather than thigh and fried for far too long – it was so tough that I couldn’t even cut it with knife so I left most of it.  Chips weren’t too bad, although too salty.





My husband and I shared donuts for dessert.  I guess they were coated with some powdered freeze-dried strawberries with powdered sugar.  I couldn’t taste the strawberries but they were nice and light and tasty.





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