Lyndhurst – Dinner 5 & 6

Lyndhurst での5日目のディナーは、コテージでM&Sで買っておいたレンティルトお野菜のスープをいただき、

The dinner on our 5th day in Lyndhurst was just had Lentil & Vegetable Soup that we bought from M&S in the cottage.





And on the 6th day in Lyndhurst, we wen to “Renoufs”, which is a wine bar that we went to the last time when we were there.

オリーブやフムスやチーズやハム、サラミ類などのボードをシェア(2人分となっています)する、Ultimate というボードと。チーズとハム類はそれぞれ3つずつ選ぶというシステムで、今日はチーズは Le Fin(カマンベール)、 コッツウォルド・ブルー・ブリーを選び、ハム類はフェンネルサラミ、チョリソ、コッパを選びました。

Like the last time, we ordered a board for 2 called “Ultimate”, which includes 3 cheese, 3 ham/salami as well as things like olives, hummous, tomato, pate etc. For cheeses we chose Tete de Moine、 Le Fin (Camembert), Cotswold Blue Brie, and for ham/salami we chose Fennel Salami, Chorizo and Coppa.


As for wine, we shared a set of 3 white wine and 3 red wine and also my husband ordered 1 glass of red wine.


Although we have this sort of meal often at home, when you have it in a restaurant you can have the sorts of salamis or cheese that we don’t often have and we can also have a few different wines, which is fun.


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