Chicken Shawarma with Moroccan Houmous and Chilli Sauce (Thermomix TM6)

昨日夫に「明日のディナー、どうする?」と聞くと「何かチキンは?」と言うので、「じゃあ、Thermomixを使ったレシピでなにかあるか探してみて。」と言うと、しばらくして、「これはどう?」とメールで送って来たのが「Chicken Shawarma with Moroccan Houmous and Chilli Sauce」(チキンのモロッコ風シャワルマ、フムスとチリソース添え)でした。「これはちょっと前に作って半分食べて、残り半分は冷凍してるはず。」と冷凍庫を見たらありました。ということで、昨日の夜冷蔵庫に移して、フムスとチリソースはそのまま、チキンはオーブンで温めて今日のディナーになりました。冷凍していたピタパンもオーブンで温めて。前回は開いてフラットブレッドのようにしていただきましたが食べにくかったので、今回は半分に切って中に詰めていただきました。

Last night I asked my husband if he has something he wants to have for dinner today and he said “How about some chicken dish?”  So I asked him if he can find any dish he wants from the Cookidoo recipes – and he came back to me saying “How about this?”  It was “Chicken Shawarma with Moroccan Houmous and Chilli Sauce”.  I said to him “I think we cooked this relatively recently, had just a half and froze the rest”, looked in the freezer and I found it (with houmous and chilli sauce as well).  So I moved all of them to the fridge last night, we warmed up the chicken and frozen pita in the oven and had it for dinner tonight.


It was very good.  My husband kpet saying “Ummm, so good!”  We said we’ll cook double the amount of what we cooked (which would be the same as the original recipe) and freeze next time.  It won’t take much longer to cook the double the quantity.  I remember chilli sauce took a while to cook so it’s a good idea to cook a larger amount.







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