Brunch With Friends

今日は、仲良しのお友達ご夫婦とブランチをしました。お友達のご提案だった、Wellies というカフェでのブランチ。車で20分くらいのところでした。

We had a brunch with our good friends.  They suggested to go to “Wellies”, a little cafe about 20 minutes from us.


I ordered Bubble & Squeek with fried egg and bacon.  Although I know what Bubble & Squeek is this was the first time I ever had it as I’ve never cooked it at  home either.  I think it’s supposed to be fried in a frying pan, but it wasn’t, which is a shame because I would have enjoyed it more.


Still, it wasn’t unpleasant or anything, the staff was very nice and we were able to spend more than 2 hours to chat so it was lovely.  Our friends are very busy with various things so it won’t be a while when we can see them next.


We ate on the patio but it was breezy so felt a little cold even though I had on a thin knit dress (but no sleeves) with a denim jacket on top.



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