Octopus Balls (Takoyaki) Without Octopus


The daytime high temperature here has been around 20C until quite recently but has suddenly dropped down to around 15C, with the nighttime low at around 10C and it has started to feel cold inside the house.  We used the fireplace in the living room this evening and also turned on the under floor heating in the craft room.  I hear/read that it has gone cool in Japan, but looking at the temperature it is still reaching as high as 28C – which is almost the hottest it gets in summer here.


As our car is filled up and it looks like the panic buying of petrol had calmed down we decided to go ahead with our trip from Sunday.  If this problem had started just a few days later we would have had to give up, but I’m glad we didn’t have to cancel as we have been looking forward to this trip.


I thought maybe it’s time to have Okonomi-yaki for dinner, but then I thought “What about Takoyaki (octupus balls)?” and asked my husband what he thought about it and he said it was a good idea, so that’s what we did.   Having said that, neither my husband nor I like octopus, so no octopus. We used Japanese sausages and pancetta instead.

Takoyaki is usually made with batter (water or soup stock, flour & eggs), green onions, cabbage (I don’t remember having cabbage where we grew up but I see many people now using it on youtube, so we tried with some today – but I do prefer without), Tenkasu (fried batter), pickled ginger, and eaten with a sauce similar to tonkatsu sauce with sprinkles of seaweed (we don’t use it) and dried shaved bonito (we don’t use it).


My Mum used to love Takoyaki and we used to have it for dinner occasionally – although I don’t think that’s common, usually it’s more like a snack.  I have never cooked them at home with my husband, the only time I cooked them was when my friends came over for lunch in Hong Kong because they wanted to have them.  My husband probably had it only once at a hanami (a party under cherry tress that we have in spring in Japan) with the company when we were still working in the same office.






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