Brasserie Blanc

明日、ディナーにお客様があるので、今日の午後、その準備(今日作れるものを作るため)にあてていたのですが、明日の準備をしてすぐに今日の夕食を準備するのは面倒だなぁ〜、と思い、今日の夕食はチチェスターの「Brasserie Blank」でいただくことに。

We are having friends over for dinner tomorrow and we planned to cook some of the meal we can this afternoon.  Then we thought we didn’t really want to cook dinner tonight right after preparing for tomorrow, so decided to go out for dinner – we went to Brasserie Blanc in Chichester.





My husband had “Pheasant Suasage with Truffle Mash, braised chestnuts, mushrooms, cherry apple, port & wine sauce”.  My husband told me it was spicy and delicious and would order again.




We shared Pistachio Souffle, which was very nice.





It’s in the middle of a week, but very busy.


We’ve had many not enjoyable meals in England, but we’ve always enjoyed the meals in this restaurant.  The pub in Windsor, which has the same menu as this restaurant, wasn’t so good, so it does depends of the chefs of each resetaurant.  We had a caraf of red wine and a bottle of sparkling water and it was 65pounds.   The service was very nice and friendly, but we waited a while for the main, about 30 minutes.  I find in general you need to wait quite a long time to get a meal in restaurants in England, more so than other countries we’ve lived so far.



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