Charleston Farmhouse

この間、お友達のお家に泊めていただいた日のことで、書き忘れていたことがありました。1ヶ月ちょっと前、結婚記念日の前日に「The Star」というホテルに泊まりに行きましたが、その近くに「チャールストン・ファームハウス」という興味深い建物があると聞き行きたかったのですが、予約が取れなかったので、お友達のお家に行く途中(通り道でした)で寄ろうということになり、予約を入れていました。

There is something I’d forgotten to write about regarding a place we visited on our way to our friends’ the other day.  About a month ago or so, on the day before our wedding anniversary, we went to stay at a hotel “The Star”.  We heard that there is an interesting place called “Charleston Farmhouse” near there and wanted to visit but we weren’t able to get any booking as it was already fully booked.  We knew we would be going through there on our way to the friends, where we were going to stay the other day, so we booked tickets for that day.


Charleston Farmhouse is where Vanessa Bell and Dancan Grant lived from 1916 until Dancan Grant died and it’s full of paintings (walls, fireplaces, furnniture etc) that they and their artistic friends painted.


It was fully booked for many weeks and I understood why once we were there.  Each room had someone who can explain the things you can see in it, and you cannot enter a room until the previous group of visitors has finished in there. Each group can consist of a bubble of up to 5 people who live together.  We didn’t know this before we went and had thought we could get around everything in 30 minutes or less but it took us an hour for this reason.  It was good, however, because the person in charge of each room can tell you a lot about what you can see and the artists that created it.











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