Lunch With Friends (Sussex Ox)

今日は3.4週間前に泊めていただいたお友達ご夫婦とランチをご一緒しました。場所は、ヘイスティングの近くにお住まいなので、大体真ん中くらいのところにある(お互い、車で1時間くらい)「Sussex Ox」というパブで。場所的にちょうど良い場所にあるので、何度かここでご一緒しています。パティオからの眺めがとても良いのですが、もう寒くなってドアも閉めてあるので眺めはあまり見られず。

We had lunch with our friends, whom we stayed with a few weeks ago.  As they live near Hastings, we met at a pub “The Sussex Ox”,  which is just about halfway between Hastings and here.  As the location is good we have met there quite a few times.  The view from the patio is great but now that it’s cold the glass doors were closed so we didn’t see the view that much.


My husband had Beef & Ale Pie (we never cook it at home so he often orders this in pubs) and I had beef burger.  Their menu is quite small and there aren’t many dishes that I can eat, so I have a feeling I’ve always had Beef Burger here.  We also shared an Apple Crumble for dessert.  The burger was good and the Apple Crumble was really good.







We were in the pub for 2 and a half hours or so, having lunch and catching up with each other, then parted saying “See you next year!”  There’s only a month and a half before Christmas and the people who have children and grand children are going to get very busy so we probably cannot see them until next year.


家に向かって走り始めて、9月に行った Alfriston という村がほんの数分のところにあったので、泊まった時に買って美味しかったイタリアのピスタチオのアイスクリームを買いに寄りました。お腹がいっぱいだったので、1つをシェアーしましたが、美味しかったです。

When we started driving towards home, we realised that Alfriston, where we stayed in September, was only a few minutes away so we decided to stop there to get the Italian Pistachio ice cream that we’d had when we were there last because it was so good.  As we were full from the lunch, we just bought one and shared it, then quickly headed home.


We ate too much at lunch that we didn’t get hungry for dinner, so we just had a banana and an apple each.





There was some sunshine for a short time in the morning but by the time we left home, which was around 11.00am, it was getting very cloudy.  It rained just a few drops on our way and by the time we arrived at the pub it looked like it was going to pour, but it didn’t.  When we left the pub, the sky was looking a little brighter and we saw this sharp separation of the blue sky and the cloudy sky.  This was around 3.30pm, which is already the start of ‘evening’ here at this time of year.





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