House Renovation Completed (Master Bedroom & Ensuite Bathroom)


I cannot find any “before” photos for the master bedroom, but basically it was just a white box.



I love our bedroom, too.  With the dusky pink walls, it’s soft and cosy but a little different and I love the panelling as well.   We also had the doors of the closet changed from mirrored doors to wooden ones and had them painted with the same colour as the walls.  When I blogged last, there wasn’t the chest of drawers or the mirror above it, which I like very much.  We have 3 sets of beddings, this grey, a white and a pale dusty pink.






Almost all our furniture in the rest of the house is very simple and I think fairly masculine, but this bedroom has a feminine feel to it so I chose this chest of drawers, which has a feminine feel.  It is decorated with mother of pearl.  I like both the chest and the mirror.




I cannot find any photos of the bathroom before renovaiton, I’ll add one here if I find it.



No change to the bathroom since I blogged it previously soon after the renovation.





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