House Renovation Completed (Guest Room)


The guest room was the last room to be completed.  It took us a long time to decide what to do and to get bed covers and throws so I don’t think I blogged the room after we got them.  I ordered “teal” throws but these don’t look teal, they are more green than teal.  As the walls are quite green-ish I wanted the throws to be more blue-ish, but I couldn’t be bothered to return them and try to find better ones, so they are staying.  The bed covers are from White company, it’s white with grey quilting.  The cushions are the same material as the bed covers and there are also rectanglar ones with humming birds on because I wanted to introduce some blue.  The blind has pattern with grey and bluish grey on white.   It’s quite a small room but does have an ensuite bathroom (toilet and a shower room) but we hadn’t done anything to it, just very simple white and grey shower room.



Again no photo before renovation but it was just a white box.








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