Mushroom & Cream Pasta


It’s December already!  Only one month is left this year.  I imagine most Japanese will be getting busier and busier preparing for the end of the year and the New Year.  In England there isn’t much to do for the New Year (although many would have parties), most people are busy for preparation for Christmas, specially those who have children and grand children who live separately from them.  In our case, we aren’t busy at all, specially because we are planning to stay at our favourite hotel in Devon from Chrismas Eve for 3 nights.  That was the plan last year, too, but we had to cancel it because of the lockdown.  The new variant of Covid from South Africa is worrying, I wonder if we’ll have to cancel it this year again – I hope not.  Not in restaurants, cafes & pubs, but in shops and on public transport we now have to wear masks, which is good.  It looks like the vaccines we have had aren’t effective enough for the South African variant, so I guess we’ll have to mostly stay home again until the new vaccine is ready.


Today’s dinner was Pasta with Mushroom & Cream Sauce that I leaned at a Zoom cooing class in October a friend of mine runs.  (I don’t actually take the lesson on Zoom but watch the recorded class.)  After watching the video I made a large amount of sauce, enough for 4 meals for 2 of us and froze what we didn’t use, so we used a packet of that today.  My husband prefers short pasta so we used short pasta today but I felt long pasta like at the class is better because long pasta tends to absorb the sauce more.  It was good enough, though.





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