More Christmas Cards

次に作った2種類のクリスマスカード。こちらも、Yana Smakula さんのカードを参照にして作りました。これもまた、思っていたよりずいぶん時間がかかりました。というのは、車のダイカットを何種類もの色でカットして細かい組み立て作業をしなくてはいけないのです。車さえ出来れば簡単なのですが。

The next 2 different kinds of Christmas cards that I made – again I used Yana Smakula’s card as a base and made a few changes to make them quicker to make, but again they took much longer than expected.  Just building the cards seems to take a long time as you need to cut many different kinds of cardstock and assemble them.  Once the cards are assembled then it’s quick.


Except that it wasn’t so quick because I have lots of trouble foiling the small sentiment in the first card as you can see.  The pressure of my machine is so strong, the foil got foiled all over the sentiments, and erasing with an eraser didn’t work well.  I experimented quite a few times but no great success yet; I’ll keep trying.



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