Christmas Dinner


In the UK, in general, Christmas dinner is eaten at lunch time on the 25th.  At home I think most people start a little late like 2.00pm because turkeys take time to cook and there is a lot of other things to prepare.  However, at the hotel it started for us at 1.15pm.


On this day, I woke up at a strange time like 3.00am and could not get back to sleep because I’d fallen asleep unusually early on the day before so I was hungry for breakfast and had Eggs Benedict and some very thin toast (my husband had Full English Breakfast).  I only had one egg but I was still so full at lunch time because I don’t usually have breakfast, I didn’t even want to see any food when we began Christmas Dinner.  I did manage to eat OK, though, once I got started.





The Amuse was something like waffles made with potato with some creme fraich?  I cannot remember what the square one was.



The first dish was salmon, I think.



Mine was substituted with cucumber, which was seasoned like Japanese cucumber salad (sweet and sour).




The 2nd dish was saffron risotto with truffles – this was extremely salty like the little mushroom tartlet from the day before, I could not eat it.




The main dish – turky and trimmings.  Trimmings are usually sausages wrapped with bacon, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, boiled Brussel’s sprouts.  There were also roast carrot and steam roasted (?) red cabbage.  I prefer roast potatoes and roast parsnips to be roasted longer so the potatoes are crispy and parsnips are sweet – they needed more time in the oven.  Red cabbage isn’t a very usual side dish to Christmas, I don’t think.  It was disappointing that there was no stuffing, I heard other people saying the same.  Incidentally, the seasoning was fine on this dish.



Cheese.  It had some truffles in between.


And of course Christmas Pudding.  The yellow sauce was something like fluffy custard sauce with brandy and the white one is vanilla ice cream.  I don’t like Christmas pudding so I can never eat much but I can usually eat a little – but this one had some spice that I really didn’t like so I left most of it.  The sauce was lovely, though.




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