Afternoon Tea On Boxing Day (Gidleigh Park)


On Boxing Day, after coming back from the walk, we had a little rest then had the hotel’s afternoon tea.  This afternoon tea was a part of the programmes for 3 night’s stay over Christmas.  We have been staying at this hotel for over 30 years and with a few exceptions I think we stayed here at least a couple of nights every year.  We probably had afternoon tea here once or twice when we were young (more than 20 years ago), but we hadn’t had a full afternoon tea here for over 20 years – we normally either have just tea or tea and scones.  Basically I cannot eat a lot of sweet things.  Having an afternoon tea seems like a lovely idea but I just don’t enjoy eating so much sweet things specially if we have a lunch and a dinner on the same day as well.   However, on Boxing Day, all I had to eat was a sausage roll in the middle of the walk and there was nothing more to have until our late dinner, so we did have this afternoon tea.




They do come on 3 layer tray, but the sandwiches are not nice dainty ones, the bread is quite thick and they are quite large.  They made sandwiches without salmon for me, which was very kind.  I’m guessing that their ham was very salty, the ham sandwiches were very salty but other sandwiches were good.




Their scones are on the small side. When we last stayed here in the autumn, we had them fresh from the oven so they were delicious, but this time they were not very fresh so quite dry and not as delicious.  Scones are always the best fresh from the oven.




I had sandwiches and scones but didn’t have any of the cakes on the middle plate, my husband had all the cakes but left some sandwiches and a scone.





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