Family Gathering At Mottisfont (National Trust)


I haven’t finished blogging the meals etc at the hotel over Christmas, but I’m going to blog something else for a change.


The shortest day is gone now and the days are getting slightly longer, I noticed today that it was very slightly light until around 5.00pm.  In Japan, everyone is very busy now as the New Year is a very significant day and there is a lot to prepare, but here in the UK Christmas is the significant day so now that Christmas is done I’m guessing that most people are relaxing a little.  Near Christmas there was some talk about having more Covid-related restrictions so everyone was a bit tense until the government announced that there would not be any further restrictions until Christmas.  I’m sure many families were happy that they were able to get together this year after the lockdown of last year.



We had a gathering with my husband’s younger brother’s family and elder brother’s family at “Mottisfont”, a National Trust property.  It’s about an hour by car for us and is similar for the others, too.  It rained a little for a short time soon after we got there but it stopped raining quickly and it was quite nice weather for the next few hours.


It was just about lunch time when we got in so we had a little bite first but other than that we just walked and walked slowly as we did a catch up talk with others.  In summer you will see a lot of flowers in the herb gardens, rose gardens and in many other areas but at the moment there wasn’t anything much to see.  It reminded us of the walk on Dartmoor on Boxing Day – not that it was as bumpy or as hilly, it was quite an easy walk today.  We walked about 6,000 steps.  It’s been raining quite a lot recently, so the water level of the river was very high.


Even when there is nothing to see, British people love going out and walking.  It was a substituted Boxing Day holiday today (since the actual Boxing Day was a Sunday) so we saw quite a lot of people there in spite of being in the middle of winter, but the site is so large that you don’t see many of them around you once you get in.













We walked and talked until about 2.00pm.    One nephew and one niece were able to join us, which was lovely.




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