Pasta With Ragu



Today’s dinner was Pasta with Ragu (Bolognese Sauce).   Onion, garlic, chilli flakes, minced pork, minced beef, tin tomato, fresh tomato, dried oregano, salt, pepper, clove & Parmesan cheese.  Our Italian friend told me she puts in one or two cloves while she cooks Ragu, which seems to add some depth of flavour.  This sauce goes with thicker types of pasta so we used Buccatini, which is thick and long pasta with a hole down the middle.  I find it a little difficult to eat but it was very tasty.

It was warm for quite a wihle for this time of year but started to get colder yesterday and is now down to 3C.  It looks like it’ll go below zero tomorrow and the day after.  My husband and I have been hoping to see some snow but the forecast doesn’t have any snow mark, but I can see some full sun marks coming up.




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