Thai Time (Thai Dinner)


We went out for dinner tonight.  I was so happy last night that I didn’t have to come up with a dinner for today, but now I have to decide what to have tomorrow….

何度か行ってお気に入りのアランデルにある Thai Time というタイ料理屋さんに行きました。時々シェフが変わるようでいつも変わらない味ではないのですが、まずまず美味しい。

We went to “Thai Time” in Arundel, we’d been there a few times and it was always good although I guess their chef isn’t always the same so their dishes don’t seem to be the same always.



Today, we ordered Tom Yam Gai, Spring Rolls, Chicken Satey, Pork Laab, Chienmai Sausage.









Banana Fritter for the dessert.  Last time they were rolled in coconut shreds before frying but today no coconut.  It was still good.




Pork Laab, I thought, needed a little more acidity so we asked them for some lime pieces and squeesed them over, which made it really tasty.  We enjoyed everything.  I think we ordered more than usual and the total bill was about 50 pounds including 2 bottles of Thai beer.






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