Mushroom & Cream Pasta


It’s been quite cold and mornings have been frosty, it looks like it’ll be that way in the next couple of weeks.  The lowest temperature is minus or 2 or 3C, the highest is below 10C, it was dark, rainy and grey today.  However, there are sun marks for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!  Even when it’s cold, it feels great when the sun is shining.

今日の夕食は、マッシュルームとクリームのパスタでした。パンチェッタを炒めて、マッシュルームを加えてさらに炒めて、ニンニクを加えてさらに炒めたところにLa Table Enchantee chez Keiko INOUEのズームレッスンで作ったソースがまだ冷凍庫にあったので加えて、少しクリームを足した簡単ソース。パスタは、タリアテッレ。

Today’s dinner was Mushroom & Cream Pasta.  We sauteed pancetta, added mushrooms, then garlic, then the mushroom & cream sauce I made at a zoom lesson as there was still one pack left in the freezer.  I added some extra cream and it was done.  The pasta we used was Tagliatelle.



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