Chinese New Year Decoration


As Chinese New Year is coming close, I wanted to put out some decorations but couldn’t remember where we put them, I’m sure I saw them when we took out the Christmas decorations…  As we couldn’t find them I bought a couple of Chinese Lanterns (2 in 1 pack) on Amazon.  However, I expected them to come as lanterns but they were flat pieces that you cut here and there and put them together, quite complicated.  I cannot complain because the description does say DIY, it’s my own fault not to have read it.  12 pounds for these seem quite expensive, though.  Anyway, I put one of them together and my husband did the other.  It was quite hard to put them together and the panels with a letter “luck” bent  in half when we put the notches of them in the slots – we couldn’t help it because of the way they are made.  Since we have them we did put them up, not wonderful but not too bad from far away if you don’t look too closely.



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