Happy Chinese New Year!    When we were living in Hong Kong and Singapore (specially in Hong Kong, where they have longer CNY holiday) most of the time we would stay home rather than going to a resort because all the resorts nearby were very busy with families with children.   The majority of western people went back to their countries and a large number of the local people were also away on holidays, so the usually busy places were very quiet and I used to enjoy spending a quiet few days with my husband.


Today’s evening meal was Minsetrone, I think we hadn’t had it for quite a wihle.  We used garlic, onion, celery, carrot, potato & tin tomatoes.  We cut one vegetable, put it in a heavy pan (we use Staub) after putting some olive oil, added some salt, stirred and put the lid on so the vegetable would sort of steam until we put in the next vegetable.  This way, I feel the vegetables release sweet flavours.  After we added all the vegetables (except potatoes), we put in a few tomatoes from a tin, stirred it over quite a high heat for a good few minutes, then added water, soup stock powder (organic vegetable stock).  We then added potatoes (cut in large pieces), a couple of bay leaves, put the lid on after it came up to the boil and cooked until the potatoes were very soft – then we lightly crushed the potatoes.  We then added a little miso (not enough to be able to tell there is some miso, it’s meant to just add depth, it’s not totally necessary), checked the seasonings and it was done.  After pouring into bowls we grated on some Parmesan cheese.






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