Soft Tacos




Tonight’s dinner was Soft Tacos using the left-over Chilli Con Carne from yesterday.

Since we moved to England, we haven’t been able to get tasty avocados so we very seldom have soft tacos but we used to have it often in Japan for a Sunday lunch.  We would usually have soft tacos or dim sum (frozen spring rolls, siu mai & gyoza).  As tortillas weren’t available in Japan 20 years ago we used to use spring roll skins (which we steamed), but to be honest I prefer spring roll skin because the texture is nice and chewy and much less filling.    Now spring roll skin isn’t easily available here so we are using tortillas, but we still steam them in a Chinese steaming basket.  We keep them in the steaming basket while we eat because that way they are kept soft and warm until we finish eating.

We use lettuce, onion, tomato, guacamole, chilli con carne, taco sauce, coriander leaves & cheese (just my husband).





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