Chicken Salad With Curry Flavoured Dressing


We had some left-over sauce that we used for the chicken dish we cooked that I blogged a few days ago, so we made a chicken breast salad and used the sauce as a dressing.  Rather than cooking the chicken simply with salt & pepper like the other day, I marinaded it first like I often do – in grated garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and also used shio-koji today because I had one opened.  Then took most of the marinade off with kitchen paper and browned both sides in olive oil, then cooked it in the oven (180-200).  It was quite thick and also we used the oven for bread (from the freezer) so it took 14 minutes today.  I find that chicken breast cooked this way is very tender and juicy.


In the salad, we used Romaine Lettuce, rocket, tomato, onion, yellow pepper, raisins & walnuts.  We tossed the salad with the dressing first, then put chicken slices on top, then a little drizzle of the dressingt over the top.  We thought some curry flavour had gone (it was subtle to start with) so we probably should have added a little more curry powder, but it was still very tasty.  An Avocado would have made it perfect.


The summer time started last weekend, so now the sunset is a little after 7:30 and it’s getting longer every day, which is lovely.  However, it feels like in the middle of winter temperature-wise, the lowest temperature here was apparently minus 1, and it will be minus 2 tomorrow!  Still it does go up to 11C during the day, so it’s not as bad as in the middle of winter, I guess.   I hope it’ll get warm enough for us to have lunch in our garden soon.




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