Sakura Blossoms (Hove Park)


The weather application I have on my iPhone has been showing a lot of rain marks from Tuesday on, but so far it hasn’t rained too much. As the application shows only a mark for each day and doesn’t show any details like the time it rains and how much it rains, so sometimes I see them and think “Oh, no, it’ll be raining a lot this week.” but it may rain during the night or very early in the morning – then the rain doesn’t really affect us.

今日はランチの後、インスタグラムのフィードに入ってきた Hove Park の桜を見に行きました。車で45分くらいかかり、気楽にサクッと行くのは遠かったですが、今年は桜をあまり見かけなかったので最後のチャンスだろうと思い行ってきました。結果的には、もうピークは過ぎていて葉桜になっていましたが、まだお花も半分くらいは残っていたのでそこそこきれいでした。桜の木が植わっている距離は短いのですが、こんなふうに並んでいるところはあまり見ないので行ってみて良かったです。来年は満開を見られると良いな。

I saw a Hove Park feed on Instagram.  It takes about 45 minutes to get there so not so close but we didn’t see many cherry blossoms this spring so wanted to try to see some and thought this was probably the last chance.  They had gone past the peak and already had a lot of leaves out, but they still looked quite pretty.  The distance, where the cherry trees are lined up, isn’t very long, but we haven’t seen many places like this so we were glad we went.  Hopefully we can go there at the peak time next spring.










Ther were a lot of elm trees with flowers, too.  I don’t think I’d seen elm flowers before.





As there isn’t much space in Japan, the majority of the parks in towns are very small, just somewhere you take your children so they can play.  In England parks are so large, the lawns are so green and beautiful, I love parks in England.


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